lørdag 25. juli 2009

A beautiful kitchengarden

Janneke had the most beautiful kitchen garden you can imagine. Not an activity for me - too much work :) She had leafs, the biggest onions I ever seen, potatoes, broccolis, zucchini, beans, sweet peas and carrots (maybe more) - mixed with beautiful flowers around.

DSC_0237  DSC_0178
 DSC_0179  DSC_0199

The broccoli was a decoration before it went to the delicious dinner we had. The garden fence was of chestnut - it was practical and beautiful. I wish they lived closer to us. They are so far away! It is almost two days in the car - but only one hour in the plane. That is a good thing. Hope we will see them soon.

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sologbolig sa...

Nydelig kjøkkenhage.Kjekt å kunne avle fram grønnsaker og annet til bruk i matlaginga. Men eg trur ikkje at eg hadde fått det til. Ha ei fin helg.

AnneKa sa...

Å for en flott kjøkkenhage. Ingenting er så kjekt som å gå å høste fra egen hage.

Les Cotrions sa...

Hi Hanne! Oh Janneke's garden is a beauty! I like the broccoli as decoration!
Wish you a nice Sunday!

GundaM sa...

Nydelig, liker det rustikke gjærdet;)

Kos deg videre og takk for små glimt i campinglivet, hihi

Anonym sa...

Aaah Hanne, i am totally "blushing", what a lovely post about my vegetable-garden !!! Even my ears are red, hahahaha!
We were just saying today: cannot believe your visit is over again, everything went so fast :(
But one good thing: that new flight from Bremen to the other airport :)))
Hope you have a nice holiday next week, we keep our thumbs up for Y. when he goes back to work on monday !
We will leave for Yorkshire
coming tuesday.... i'll write you an e-mail when we get back, ok !
Hugs to the whole family, Janneke.

miss marple sa...

Kjempefint! Nydelig!!

Kerstin sa...

Så koselig kjøkken hage....
Klem O=)