onsdag 20. januar 2010

Our best buddy Bamse passed away today!

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Today our best buddy Bamse passed away. He was not ill for a long time, just a few days. When we went to the Vet. he took some pictures and Bamse was "full of cancer" - nothing to do. We are sad today - but he will always be here.

These pictures are from may 2009. I posted this on my blog about Bamse and I miss him already when I see these pictures.

He had a good doglife. We miss you Bamse!


fredag 15. januar 2010

...mens vi venter på våren...

Claus Dalby er hageentusiast, hagebokforfatter, fotograf og har også vært med i flere hageprogram fra Danmark. Han har åpen hage 3 søndager i 2010. Boken "Drivhusdrømme" er bestilt på biblioteket og de neste to bøkene "Drømmehage I og II" ønsker jeg meg veldig. Vi får se hvordan det går. Boken kan blant annet bestilles her.

Jeg har kost meg veldig med programmene til Claus Dalby på Danmarks radio. Dette er link til programmene - kos deg :) Forårsplanter: "Claus Dalby giver gode råd om dyrkning af tidlige forårsplanter."

torsdag 7. januar 2010

Why were they so stupid?

DSC_0007 Why did our forefathers find out that Norway was a good place to live - the country called "The way to the north" - why - why?
Why were they so stupid? Why, why? What was wrong with them, and what was wrong about Greece, Spain or Italy? Why didn't they stop there?

Today we had minus 28 grades celcius. Theese days, all we talk about is the weather. That is typical in Norway - but not as much as it is now. All the papers are full of articles of cold, frozen water pipes, frozen roads, frozen cars and frozen people. We freeze - but it is even worse in Siberia (Russia). It comes from Russia (not with love), and it isn't welcome!

Poor people in Russia, poor us - but... we (our family) have the opporturnity to buy a new heather, and heather cables, and electrics, and wood - why do we complain? There is nothing else to do - to cold out, and we enjoy complaining. I believe that we enjoy our complaining - and we have always something to speak about...

Have a nice weekend, with or without weather to talk about!