fredag 9. mai 2008

I'm in LOVE

Heritage Ausblush)

Category English Roses
English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Colour Medium Pink
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Medium Shrub
Short Climber

Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Fruit, honey, carnations
Repeating Good
Special Characteristics Repeat flowering. Perfectly shaped blooms

One of the most popular of our English Roses. The blooms are of perfect, cupped formation and of medium size; they are a very soft, clear pink at the centre, while the outer petals are almost white.

This is a flower of delicate shell-like beauty. The growth is excellent, showing signs of its grandparent Iceberg, with a smooth, rather ‘Musk Rose’ foliage and clean stems with only a few thorns.

It is strong and bushy with excellent repeat-flowering properties and will grow to form a shapely, well-rounded shrub.

It has a beautiful fragrance, with overtones of fruit, honey and carnation on a myrrh background.

Maiden's Blush David Austin Recommended Variety

Category Old Roses
(Alba Roses)
Bred By Prior to th century
Colour Light Pink
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Tall Shrub

Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Old Rose
Repeating None
Special Characteristics Particularly tough and disease resistant.

Fresh blush-pink, loosely double, rosette-shaped flowers, opening flat with an abundant rich perfume. A hardy, well-formed shrub with excellent grey-green foliage

Ingrid Bergman (Poulman) David Austin Recommended Variety

Category Bush Roses
(Hybrid Tea Roses)
Bred By Poulsen
Colour Velvet red
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Medium Bush

Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Strong
Repeating Good
Special Characteristics Voted world's favourite rose in 2000

An excellent deep red rose with a very strong fragrance. It is sturdy and vigorous - branching and repeating well. 4.5ft.

New Dawn David Austin Recommended Variety

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses
(Modern Climbers)
Bred By Dreer
Colour Blush Pink
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Medium Climber

Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Fruity
Repeating Good
Special Characteristics One of the most reliable of climbers.

Medium sized, silvery blush-pink flowers, deepening towards the centre, produced in clusters. The forerunner of the modern perpetual-flowering climbers, and still one of the best and most vigorous of this class. Healthy glossy foliage. Fresh, fruity fragrance. 10-15 ft.

All information and pictures from David Austen roses. These are really english roses :) I bought all these today and I even had some more with me home. 12 today :) The others ar are not David Austen roses. You'll see more during summer and maybe more tomorrow.

We are having a great weather and we are going out to have late dinner in the garden. I just love it. Have a nice weekend.

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Tone sa...

Har du kjøpt tolv roser????
Jeg kommeri morra tidlig klokka sju!!haha....
Gratulerer, dette må være toppendagen for deg!
Jammen bra jeg ikke ble med deg i dag- jeg ville gått berserk på det plantesenteret der.
Dette unner jeg deg.

Nyt det!!

Etter fire glass vin nå, så skal jeg og nabo Jorunn ut med saks og lommelykt, på jakt! Og dæggærn som jeg skal drepe og skvise!
De nærmer seg boligområdene våre nemlig. De der sleipe slimete sakene...

god fredag kveld - og herved sendes en stor lykke til til Yngvar gravemann som skal til pers i morra tidlig. (stakkars mann, hilsen Lars, medfølende ektefelle med lignende erfaring)